Speed Matters in Real Estate

Buyers are Watching

Correct pricing and the proper online presentation (supplemented by open houses and print media) will result in a quick sale in the current Broward County residential real estate marketplace. It’s crucial that as a seller you position yourself competitively with a list price that is realistic with your current local market’s conditions, and just as critical that your real estate professional is ready and willing to put his / her best foot forward with marketing efforts to ensure the highest and best presentation of your property to the buyer pool.

The first thirty days your home is offered up on the MLS, Zillow, Realtor.com, and the rest of the multitude of internet and social media platforms available is the best time frame you have of receiving the highest and best offer for your property from a statistical standpoint. Once you’re past the thirty day mark (I’m not talking about million dollar plus properties here as the luxury market sales cycles in Broward County moves slower than homes listed for under a million – many less prospective purchasers as your list price rises) the internet savvy shoppers are going to be watching you on your road to price reductions. They will then make a move when you finally arrive to the price you should have listed for to begin with, and their offers will be more bold because you will no longer have the advantage of being new to the market.

Price it right. Make sure your real estate agent is presenting it right. Be flexible in allowing for your property to be shown to interested parties. Your home will sell fast, and it will sell at or close to list price. 

Prepare your Home Prior to Listing

Consult with your agent or his / her professional staging consultant to make sure your property is going to garner the most appeal it can when it goes live on the market. You do not have to spend a fortune to make your property present properly. I am aware that your budget may be significantly different from someone else’s. A little invested can go a long way however.

Some ways to help your home stand out from the competition below:

  • interior paint to neutral colors (get rid of the pink / green / purple walls) 
  • change out the cracked / faded light switches / receptacles throughout the home
  • replace the dingy old carpet with at least a new neutral toned carpet or if it’s in the budget an upgrade material (laminate, vinyl, engineered wood, porcelain tile, etc.)
  • don’t spend a fortune on landscaping but add some curb appeal (new sod where needed, mulch, some plants)
  • pressure wash the driveway and pavers (you can do this on your own or it’s relatively inexpensive to higher someone to do it)
  • dust inside the air conditioning closets
  • remove clutter from your home – one of the least expensive but most impacting endeavors you can undertake to help you speed your sale along
  • if your stuff is broken, fix or replace it – range, refrigerator, dishwasher, microwave, exhaust fans in the bathrooms, light fixtures, closet shelving, etc.
  • clean your garage (sweep, throw away the clutter and make it look less like a scary dark cave that’s home to a myriad of scary / venomous insect / reptilian things in the active imaginations of those that are going to be opening that garage door)
  • fix and pressure wash that wood deck
  • if you have a dated kitchen and bathrooms I am not recommending that you remodel them, but price your home accordingly and make sure they are spotless anyway
  • clean, clean, and clean your home like you’ve never cleaned before 
  • have active leaks? fix them properly and make sure that the cosmetic fix is done properly also
  • have leaks from before that were fixed but the cosmetics were never addressed? do the cosmetic fix
  • replace damaged fascia from wood rot or termite damage on your roof
  • if you have some sort of stone flooring and it hasn’t been polished and sealed in some time…get it back to its original color and appeal with a professional’s help
  • get rid of ugly, dated furniture and don’t be afraid to have less in those spaces – sometimes nothing looks better than something

Walking the Walk to Talk the Talk

You will be surprised if you do a little research to see how many homes sit on the market for months and months without selling. Some have flaws / issues. Most of the homes however that aren’t contracted within 30 days in the Broward real estate market are just not priced correctly, have a poor online presence, or are not easy for potential buyers to tour. Some sellers unfortunately are guilty of more than one of the aforementioned and they end up selling for much less than they should have at a much longer sales cycle time. 

I don’t take overpriced listings. 

I don’t take on listings wherein the sellers do not demonstrate a pride of ownership and are not willing to make their homes show ready.

I don’t take listings with excessively restrictive showing access to potential buyers.

If you are a seller and you are looking for an agent that is going to get the job done well and fast…

See some of my listing performances below and I can provide you with many, many more.

2600 SW 29 Way, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33312


  • listed on 9-11-2109 for $640,000
  • contracted on 9-21-2019
  • closing on or before 10-30-2019

11901 NW 15 Court, Pembroke Pines, FL 33026


  • listed on 9-29-2019 for $435,000
  • contracted on 10-6-2019
  • closing on 10-30-2019

13055 SW 15 Court, #206S, Pembroke Pines, FL 33027


  • listed on 9-18-2016 for $129,900
  • contracted on 9-26-2019
  • closing on or before 10-30-2019

1050 SW 147 Avenue, Pembroke Pines, FL 33027


  • listed on 6-13-2019 for $290,000
  • contracted on 6-25-2019
  • closed on 9-6-2019 for $285,000

14647 SW 15 Street, Pembroke Pines, FL 33027


  • listed on 4-29-2019 for $384,800
  • contracted on 5-9-2019
  • closed on 6-17-2019 for $378,000

15865 NW 7 Street, Pembroke Pines, FL 33028


  • listed on 9-12-2018 for $425,000
  • contracted on 9-15-2018
  • closed on 10-8-2018 for $425,000

10641 NW 20 Street, Pembroke Pines, FL 33026


  • listed on 4-26-2019 for $425,000
  • contracted on 4-30-2019
  • closed on 6-7-2019 for $420,000

Time to Sell Your Home in Broward County?

Let’s talk price. Let’s talk presentation. Let’s talk showings. 

I will get your home sold for top dollar at top speed. It’s the way it’s supposed to be. Real estate done right.