Selling My Own Home – Vodka & Lemonade at 2600 Woodside Drive, Fort Lauderdale

Vodka & Lemonade

I’ve been drinking lots of these. It’s been primarily vodka with a splash of lemonade on the rocks. I’m typically having a few and they’ve been imbibed for their medicinal stress relieving properties. Thank you please may I have another…

I sell homes for a living. I have sold hundreds of them actually over the past years and now that it’s my personal property I’m undertaking this adventure on…it’s been remarkably overwhelming. 

To be clear it’s not the marketing / pricing analysis / negotiation aspects of selling my home that are driving me nuts. It’s the been the preparation that’s been a daunting task that’s had me drinking vodka and lemonade for breakfast on a few occasions already. I did not realize how much work there was to be done to have my home meet the standards I demand of my clients prior to “going live” on the internet and social media platforms. 

We purchased another home, closed on it and moved in already. We left some of our furniture at our Woodside Drive home so that it will show better in pictures and to those that come to tour in person. I was naive in my initial presumption of the time and cost of prepping our Fort Lauderdale home to charm the eyes and hearts of its prospective future owners. Looking at the final product now that the work is done and we’ve launched for sale I will say it was definitely worth the sacrifice, but the past two weeks was time spent laboring away I will not soon forget. 

The List

We took a hard and honest look at our former home and made a very long list of things we could do / address to make it as appealing as possible to our pool of potential buyers.

Here’s what we ended up doing, in no particular order:

  • pressure washed our entire backyard pavers, front driveway and paved walkways on both sides of the home ($500) – with the South Florida rain and humidity they were covered in mildew and there were weeds growing through the cracks 
  • polished, honed and sealed our interior travertine flooring ($1,100) – with 3 cats, a Bernese Mountain dog and 2 kids it was grimy from everyday foot traffic and it had been about 3 years since we’d had it professionally cleaned (kitchen, foyer and dining room)
  • fixed the deck off of the master bedroom ($500) – the constant South Florida downpour over the past 5 years had worn away some of the wood and we had not maintained the upkeep of it with our busy schedules so we hired a contractor to pressure wash and repair the deck for us (which now looks new)
  • replaced all of the upstairs bedroom doors as well as the air conditioning closet and hallway closet doors ($1,500) – we’d already remodeled most of the home throughout the years but this was one of the last pieces we never got around to doing – I wish we’d done it while we lived there
  • fresh paint throughout many of the interior spaces ($1,800) – we learned “touch up paint” does not exist if you painted over six months ago…
  • completely cleaned out the garage and got rid of everything we were never going to use through 2 bulk trash pickups – this was a few days of sweaty, nasty work (wish the garage looked like it does now while we lived there)
  • deep cleaned to prepare the home for showings – not exaggerating it took us a little over 2 days of vacuuming, scrubbing, detailing, etc. to leave the home completely spotless
  • complete tree cleanup, removed garden weeds and mulched ($600) – wait until you see the exterior pictures below…
  • total declutter – days and I do mean days of going through all of our personal belongings and deciding which ones were coming with us to the next home and which were going to the garbage or donation centers
  • replaced some plumbing fixtures in the one bathroom we did not remodel ($300)

The Video

The Pictures

And Now We Wait

I’ll let you know how it goes. At this point it’s a matter of time and price. We’re priced properly and the open house weekend that I’m hosting has had a great turnout so far. Let’s see how long it takes me to get this charmer under contract.