My Listing Protocols – Consistency in Real Estate Delivers Contracts

There Are Many – But Truly There Are Few

It’s well known throughout the state that realtors “servicing” the Miami-Dade, Broward and Palm Beach real estate markets are “a dime a dozen”. Everyone knows at the very least one realtor and many know quite a few. Unfortunately there are many licensees “selling” real estate in our marketplace, but truly there are few that provide their customers with the professional service they deserve. I don’t think that this abundance of licensed Florida real estate agents is going to be diminished anytime soon, quantity being more desired than quality with the ease of licensing criteria due to the large amount of revenue that this industry generates for the state and its real estate schools. Ultimately it is the consumers that are most heavily impacted by the lack of experience / proficiency that permeates throughout our industry. If you are considering selling your property, below is a list of basic listing agent protocols that you should confirm with agents you’re interviewing for your business prior to signing the listing agreement.


A Listing Agent’s Guideline for Consumers

When buyers’ agents see my name as the listing agent at the bottom of the MLS screen or printout, they look forward to showing my listings because:

  • I answer my phone (I am not being facetious here – this is truly currently not the norm in the industry).
  • I follow up with prospects.
  • I arrive on time.
  • I show up early for showings, turn on the lights and make sure the home is presentable – how you show a home and how you live in a home are two different matters.
  • I upload pertinent documents to the MLS as attachments, such as:
    • owner’s property disclosure
    • condominium governance form
    • survey
    • HOA / COA addenda to contract
    • lead-based paint disclosure addendum (pre-1978)
    • elevation certificate
    • floor plan or blue prints
    • if folio starts with 30, Unincorporated Dade County Flood Rider
    • upload HOA & COA documents to Dropbox and add the link to the MLS attachments – so the potential buyer can review and / or send to his / her attorney for review
    • all of the above documents (if applicable) are uploaded to the MLS to make it easier for the buyer’s agent to assemble his / her offer package. I want the seller to achieve the best opportunities to receive the highest offers for their consideration
  • I present all offers fairly.
  • I present all offers timely.
  • I allow the buyer’s agent to present in person should he / she feel the need to do so.
  • I attend the showings (if necessary and if the residence is not on electronic lockbox).
  • I do not “solicit” the buyers, and I respect the buyers and the buyer’s agents.
  • I market the home according to the customized plan I provide to all of my sellers. Here’s a snapshot:
  • I request a copy of the escrow deposit verification from the buyer’s agent / escrow agent to make sure that the deposit funds by the buyers have actually cleared the bank.
  • I attend inspections.
  • I attend the final walk-through.
  • I coordinate all transaction activities through / with the attorneys (if same have been hired). 
  • I make sure the seller does not have to clean the home once the seller removes his / her possessions; I hire a cleaning company and coordinate the same with the seller and new buyer.
  • I make sure all of the paperwork is turned in timely and all deadlines are met.
  • I communicate in the manner in which the seller desires.
  • I attend the closing and attend to after-closing needs of my customers.
  • I stay in touch with my clients should any needs arise regarding my services to them in the future.

Do Not Settle 

You have a multitude of options to choose from if you are a seller in the South Florida marketplace. Choose the best. There are many professional, experienced agents that will best serve your real estate needs. As a consumer I urge you to do your research and choose wisely. This is one of the most important and largest financial transactions of your lifetime – you deserve to work with a licensed agent that will provide you with the service you deserve. Demand it. 

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