Fort Lauderdale Coffee Shops to Frequent


I’m just an avid coffee drinker that lives in Fort Lauderdale and downs about three concentrated cups of java goodness a day. I live in the Riverland area and being a professional real estate agent I’m on the road about half of my work day throughout the various local markets within the city. After dropping my daughter off at her school in the morning I need my 2nd cup to get fully charged (1st one was poured the moment the alarm went off and I fell out of bed to turn the Nespresso machine on – my quick fix) and I will often stop at one of my favorite spots (depending on where my business takes me that day) to sit down and have a proper cup along with knocking out any emails, MLS searches, conference calls and other real estate related stuff prior to meeting with any customers on listing presentations or showing appointments.

To be honest I’m a very sociable person as well and I’m no stranger to starting up or being invited into coffee shop conversations with the other regulars that are getting their fixes / taking a break in the day as well. For me it’s about the atmosphere just as much as the coffee. So if you’ve just moved to Fort Lauderdale or you happen to be in the area and you don’t feel like doing Starbucks, I highly recommend these four places…

Sip Java Company

This is the coffee shop I find myself at the most because it’s the closest to my home and that’s where the bulk of my business is located. I highly recommend checking this place out if you’re in the Rio Vista / Victoria Park / Las Olas / Riverland areas of Fort Lauderdale. 

Check out their website at SIP JAVA CO.

The owner and all of his staff are always friendly and extremely attentive. Come to this spot a few times and you’re in the regular crowd and will definitely find yourself making friends with very interesting Fort Lauderdale locals of all ages and from a very diverse range of backgrounds / callings. My wife is from Ohio and there are a few gentlemen I’ve come to get to know over a cup of coffee here that are from there originally as well – so we have plenty to talk about in terms of my shortcomings as having been born a city guy and my wife being more capable with a chainsaw than myself during hurricane season…

My go to at this coffee house is the 12 ounce “Serendipity” and the “Electric Shock” is a close 2nd. They will offer you everything from espresso drinks, signature concoctions, frozen and iced and any which way you can imagine in terms of java goodness. If you’re a tea drinker there’s plenty for you here as well along with some delicious breakfast and lunch menu items. 

Seating is plentiful both inside and out and like most places the rush is typically early morning and peak lunch times. They have super fast Wi-Fi and you’re good to go to sit down and do what you have to do in your online world so long as you order a beverage or food item.

This coffee house is very pet friendly so long as you and the pooch are utilizing the various outside seating options. Almost all of the outside accommodations are in the shade and lots of locals will bring their furry friends for meetups with their friends to this cool spot located off of Federal Highway right between Holiday Park and The Fresh Market.

Calusa Coffee Roasters

This coffee shop is located just east of the I95 exit on Commercial Boulevard in a free standing old Florida home that was converted a while back to a commercial retail space. 

This is typically as far north as I go throughout my Fort Lauderdale adventures – keep heading east down Commercial Boulevard and you’re getting into Lauderdale by the Sea.

This spot has nowhere near the amount of walk-in customer traffic and seating capacity that Sip Java Company or the coffee shop mentioned below do. It’s more quaint. The owner is a great guy to talk to and as genuine a person as you’ll come across – if he’s not extremely busy with a wholesale order that he is preparing onsite he will take the time to talk and get to know you. You may see two or three people come through if you’re sitting down for a cup of coffee and hanging around for 15 to 2o minutes. You’ll probably end up being introduced by the owner himself to these coffee consumers as they’re pretty much stopping by every day on their way to or from work. 

Check out the Calusa Coffee Roasters website and you’ll understand that this is probably the most sophisticated of my mentionables on this blog post.  

For the coffee purist this is the spot in Fort Lauderdale. My stepfather is a bit of sophisticated / snooty coffee consumer and this is the shop he orders his coffee from – in Minneapolis…yeah it’s that kind of quality. For my two cents – the best damn macchiato I have ever had…every single time. If you’re stopping by this location go ahead and pick out some beans to take home and they will be freshly packaged for you then and there. 

If you’re on the way to Lauderdale by the Sea or heading north / south on the I95 expressway and can take a 30 minute break to exit on Commercial and drive about a block to partake of some amazing beans…this is the spot to visit.

Warsaw Coffee Company

This is my family’s Sunday morning spot once or twice a month – a very generous menu with plenty of fresh deliciousness to choose from for even the pickiest of eaters (my five year old daughter). The sophistication / variety of coffee beverages is going to be on par with Sip Java Company’s and there are way more food options on the menu here than at the aforementioned coffee houses.

Check out the Warsaw Coffee Company website. 

This shop is located off of Sunrise Boulevard east of the I95 expressway on the way toward the beach. Indoor seating is plentiful with a very cool Euro decor theme and there is plenty of seating outside as well under the shade – that South Florida sun can be brutal – especially if you’re drinking some hot coffee. Pooches are welcome here as well from what I’ve seen so long as they’re with their owners at the outside accommodations. 

Warsaw Coffee Company is definitely not as quaint or conducive to conversation as the other two shops as every time I’ve been there they’ve been slammed with patrons and everyone seems to be busy carrying out their personal marching orders. Cool spot to meet up with friends and chill out. They have an ample selection of beer and wine and my daughter loves the blueberry waffles. Seriously you have to try them. 

As for the caffeine infused beverage of my choice at this spot – the Affogato is quite the treat – ice cream and espresso float.

Oscar Rodriguez with EWM Realty International

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